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What did that piece of furniture that you once loved become the 'elephant in the room'?  Maybe you really do love that big, sweet pachyderm, but it simply doesn't fit into your new decor or space.  Well, it's time for me to find it a new loving home, and my showroom is the best place to provide your 'elephant' the spotlight it deserves!


Let's begin the process - email photos to:


Be sure to include your name and contact information. While additional facts such as manufacturer, age, purchase price, and size are not necessary at first, they are welcome and may expedite the decision process!                 


Your photos should show the entire item. Please include images that show condition issues of any kind. I reply to every email received after thoughtfully considering the market for each piece - typically I reply within 48 hrs. If applicable, my response will include instructions to email and schedule receipt of your merchandise. You must schedule an appointment time to deliver approved items to my showroom.  These appointments allow time for me to review/analyze your merchandise.  If you require pick-up of your furniture, I offer that service for a fee - please inquire for details.  


Pricing for your merchandise will only be determined once I can assess/inspect it in person.  You will have the opportunity to approve pricing.  A nominal handling fee is added onto the ticket price of each item. Consignors are never charged handling, membership or account set-up fees.


I am constantly assessing the current situation and determining how best to serve the needs of my consignors. Since store traffic is reduced, I am extending the length of consignment periods and when markdowns occur.  If necessary, merchandise will be reduced in price only 2 times.

  • 10% off of the original price (no less than 45 days into the consignment period) 

  • 20% off of the original price (no less than 90 days into the consignment period)

Consignors receive 40% of the selling price.  

If an item does not sell after 150 days, I reserve the right to contact the consignor and request that they make arrangements to reclaim their item(s). The consignor has an additional 7 days to reclaim their item(s). After that, the consigned item(s) become the property of Elephant in the Room Design. 

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