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What a humble thing a rug - we walk all over them and they still warm our feet, anchor a space & look great all the while! Pull any room together with a custom wool Wilton rug crafted in Penndel PA by Langhorne Carpets!

Langhorne Carpets is not an assembly-line mass manufacturer. Unlike so many low-cost, low-quality competitors, Langhorne is motivated by the belief that smaller is better. They are an artisanal mill that is among only a handful of authentic jacquard Wilton carpet weavers left in the world.

In stark contrast to their petrochemical-based competitors, Langhorne is dedicated to preserving the environment by using only natural and sustainable fibers. Their face yarns are 100% wool. Wool is naturally hypoallergenic and fire resistant while offering luxury, endurance, safety, and a sense of natural wellbeing. Back yarns are 100% natural cotton and jute.

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